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Core Sports Philosophy

Core Sports Coaching Academy Philosophy

Core Sports Academy Philosophy is one that we feel is consistent and provides the player with all the necessary requirements to get to the professional academy structures. Part of our philosophy is that we are training the individual which is extremely important as we create footballers to go into teams, we do not train them as a team therefore we are only looking at the individual’s development and progress.

We look at the Core Sports Coaching development programme and include all 4 corners at every age group as much as we possibly can so that every player that comes through our pathway can use both feet, develop core strength and speed, make the right decisions and show their true personality in doing so.

The 4 Corner Development Programme

All of these 4 corners of the Core Sports Academy Development Programme are shown through our high intensity, high-tempo sessions in which players play at a high standard getting plenty of touches on the ball.

They do this by being put into repetition practices, varied game related practices and a combination of multi-directional games both opposed and unopposed.

3 Tier Structure Pyramid

At Core Sports Coaching we have a graded 3 tier structure which we think makes the training more defined allowing the young footballers to progress at the speed that matches them. It provides the young players the chance to aim for greater goals by giving every group a target and the chance to progress within Core Sports Academy and into professional academy structures.

This 3 tier system at Core Sports Coaching Academy has 3 different phases:

Phase 1 is the Development stage, players at club level football who need more development on certain areas with the target of getting into the Elite stage. This stage is for the players that we see potential in and a promising ability to get better and be a very good young player.

Phase 2 is the Elite stage of our system, this phase is for the players that have progressed at a good rate from the development phase, and the majority of these players would have come up from the Development stage first. This phase is the stepping stone to our academy phase. Some players may come straight into this phase if we feel they have the ability.

Phase 3 is the Academy stage, this group is the group that is looking to break into the pro academy structures, they will be showcased with fixtures against other centres and academies with the aim of getting into the professional academy set up.

In all of our phases there are targets to have and goals to reach so that the player and coaches have something to aim towards.

"It's coming up to three years now since Teddy has joined Core Sports Coaching and his development and understanding of football as a sport has notably grown, as too has his ability to integrate with other children". - Ross Allaker

"I cannot recommend Dan and Core Sports highly enough, they are thoroughly professional at all times, really well organised and with a real focus on developing children in a safe and correct manner" - Paul Bates

"Amazing coaches and amazing value for childcare. My son really loves it and has learnt a lot from the boys! It's really inspiring seeing all the kids with such big smiles on their faces. Thanks to Dan, Luke and Paul for making this such an enjoyable experience!" - Alexandra Moore

"Impressed! You looked after my boys well and they look forward to coming back. Thank you Dan and the team" - Katie Sedmond

"My sons have a great time at soccer camp, the coach's enthusiasm for football and fun is infectious" - Maria Warren

"Fantastic birthday party very well organised, kids had lots of fun. Brilliant coaches, nice personal touches on medals and certificates. Went really smoothly and never had such a relaxing child's birthday party" - Lucy Marlor


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